5 Activities That Make Mumbai a Fun Place to Visit

The name of Mumbai is enough to attract visitors to experience this glittering city of dreams. Unlike other tourist-attracting cities, Mumbai does not attract visitors for its historical sites,but also for the fun activities it has on offer. The streets, local trains, the lifestyle of the locals and even the ‘cuttingchai’ of Mumbai havethat magnetic power to draw visitors towards it.However,there is an endless list of fun activities that one can partake in to make their Mumbai trip more memorable.These activities are one of a kindandare highly recommendedfor people from other parts of the country such as Udaipur, Chandigarh, Bhopal and such. Also, all Bollywood lovers should go to Mumbai, irrespective of where they are from! So, here we have listed top 5 activities that will help you absorb the essence of this beautiful city.

1. Bollywood Tours

The first word that pops into our mind after hearing the name of Mumbai is – ‘Bollywood’. Mumbai won’t be Mumbai if you subtract Bollywood from it. So, the first fun activity that will give you the essence of the city will be a ‘Bollywood tour’. During your Bollywood tour, you’ll be shown the sets of upcoming Bollywood movies and television shows. Your driver-cum-guide of the Bollywood tour will give you a ride to almost the entire city while stopping near the residences of the major Bollywood celebrities. If you are lucky, you can meet your favourite stars or see them waving at you from their respective balconies.

2. Heritage Walk at Naval Dockyard

A heritage walk is conducted by the Naval Dockyard on the first Sunday of each month. So, when you book Udaipur to Mumbai flight at low cost, or from another city, make sure you are in Mumbai on the first Sunday of the month. Numerous ferries depart from the dock taking the visitors to the rich naval history. The visitors get to see some of the oldest ships in the world that are still afloat. Interesting stories about the historical background of shipsare narrated to the visitors. Moreover, you also get to see fishermen going about their daily business of fishing. A visit to Mumbai remains superficial unless you get to know the fishermen of the city.

3. A Visit to DhobiGhat

Mumbai is not all about the cine stars. A major portion of Mumbai’s soul resides in its various slums. Dhobi Ghat is one of the fascinating slums of Mumbai, dominated by the families with laundering as their family business. It is interesting to note that this slum area of Mumbai is famous in the world for being the largest handwashing facility. You can see millions of clothes and linen hanged for drying at any point of the day. A visit to the Dhobi Ghat is a must to understand the striking class difference prevalent in this modern city.

4. Witness Horse Race

You must have seen people from elite classes betting for horses and enjoying the horse race. You too can experience that classy feeling if you put Mahalaxmi Racecourse in your list of Mumbai itinerary. This is one of the oldest racecourses in India. This racecourse attracts Indians as well as the International audience who love to bet on or simply enjoy the horses racing each other. In addition to being a house for slum dwellers, Mumbai is also home to some of the richest people of India. Here, you can meet those high-class citizens of India and know they exist in the real world.

5. Marine Drive

Last but not the least, Marine Drive! It generally is the part of every visitor’s itinerary,and it deserves that place. This beach road gives stunning views of the Arabian Sea. At the northern end, you can enjoy Mumbai’s famous street foods at Chowpatty. This is the place that gives you glimpses of the rich as well as the poor strata of Mumbai simultaneously. If you choose only one name from the list, it should be this.

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